October 13, 2015

Mall Haul: Bath & Body Works, Pacsun & VS PINK

I made two trips to my local mall this week, the first time I had plans with a friend who I haven't seen in well over two months and the second time, because I forgot I had Bath and Body Works coupons that were expiring the next day.

I didn't buy all too much, but did I buy everything on sale, and even got something for free!

Pacsun had a special sale going on, where if you bought one clearance item, you got two for free...AND let me tell you, they had A LOT of clearance. I was originally going to take part in this amazing sale, but in the end couldn't really find anything for myself, but did find one sweater that I thought Joshua would like. My friend on the other hand found two things for herself, and asked if there was anything I wanted for the free item.

So I picked up this sweater for Joshua, for free!


Besides that, I also found myself wandering into Victoria's Secret PINK, and realized they were in the middle of their Panty Party, meaning you could buy seven panties for only $27.50! Of course I had to pick those up!

They also had some clearance v-neck t-shirts, which everyone claims to love, so I picked one up! Along with an amazing smelling body mist, in the mandarin and coconut scent!


7 Panties for $27.50
Mandarin Coconut Body Mist $5.00
Clearanced V-Neck $10.00

Lastly I made a larger-ish purchase at Bath and Body Works, picking up a four hand soaps, two medium sized candles, a hand sanitizer, a body cream, and four car scents.


2 Medium Candles for $20.00
Scents: Leaves & Flannel


Crisp Apple Hand Sanitizer FREE
4 Portable Car Scents for $10.00
Scents: Sweet Pea, Mahogany Teak Wood, Eucalyptuses Mint & Flannel


4 Hand Soaps for $18.00
Scents: Frosted Cranberry Iced White Pomegranate, Fresh Sparkling Snow & Winder Wonderland

I'm excited to start using and wearing all of these new goodies! What have you recently picked up? Do you have any favorite Bath and Body Works scents?

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