October 07, 2015

Haul: Books, Clothes & Baby Lips!

Usually I like to separate my hauls, from clothing, books and other things...but with only a few things from each category, I decided to just cram them all into one haul...

And this is exactly that..

The first things I have to show you, are the two Baby Lips I picked up for only $1 and $2 at Marshalls! I loved the original set and couldn't get enough of them! But with so many sets coming out over the last year or so, I haven't been able to keep up. When I saw these two gems, I couldn't resist, and had to grab them!


175 Petal Rebel & 185 Hot Hibiscus.

What makes these chapsticks so amazing, you may ask? They have a little bit of tint to them. So if you're having a more relaxed day (or even if your a new to makeup), and feel like lipstick or lip gloss would be over doing it, you can reach for these Baby Lips. They aren't too potent with color, and they aren't sticky.

I also went to Old Navy just last week, and picked up two pairs of pants. I was looking for something business casual. I'm in my Junior of college, and plan on attending accounting fairs, looking for an internship, and later down the road working through an internship. I didn't want to buy an entire pants and suit set, that would be over doing it. But I did want some nicer pants, that I could wear with cute flats or heels, and a nicer blouse.

 :  :

I picked up these two beauties at Old Navy for only $30 each. While one is more of statement piece, the other is versatile and be wore with anything.


My mom also made a few trips to Old Navy in the past few days, picking up some things for herself, and picked up these two shirts for me as well. She chose these shirts, because they are perfect for laying with a jacket and scarf, but they are also the perfect fall colors!

I'm not exactly sure how much she paid for these, but the red shirt was originally $19 and the green was $15, and they were on sale for about 40% off. Along with military discount, and if she had any other coupons.

She loves the deals...

And the last four things I have to show you, which I'm the most excited about, are the four books I was sent for review! Some of the reviews are already up, and they'll be linked, so you can go ahead and check them out!


Romancing the Dark in the City of Light, by Ann Jacobus.
Pretending to Dance, by Diane Chamberlain.
Being Audrey Hepburn, by Mitchell Kriegman.
Bliss, by Shay Mitchell & Michaela Blaney.

So that was it for me and this haul! I hope you enjoyed! If you've heard of any of the books listed above, leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

Also I'm trying to purchase more Baby Lips, so if you have a favorite one, let me know! I want to try out your favorites!


  1. I've been thinking of getting some Baby Lips chapstick myself, but I just haven't found the right shade or price for that matter. XD
    Ooo, I love the plaid pants that you got. I have one in red and it's great when I have to go to a serious extracurricular activity meeting or something of the sort.
    Looks like you got some pretty good books! I've been in a semi-reading slump lately as I've only had the time for homework and analyzing classics for school. :/

    1. I feel the exact same way! School is pretty exhausting, but at the same time, blogging, and reading is my one fun thing I really get to do during the school year.

      I wanted the red pair originally, but they were sold out of my size!



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