June 28, 2015

Starting Up My Own Etsy Sticker Shop WHAA?

Instead of writing this entire story down in a big ol' paragraph, rambling and jumping back and forth from one idea to the next, I'm just going to answer the six most important questions. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

ME! That's who!

Yes, Lisa is starting her very own business.

I've been contemplating this idea for a while now, and about two weeks ago, I decided it was finally time to take action. I'm excited about the shop and about the fun and bright stickers! I hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

It's a sticker shop! Where I'll be selling all kinds of stickers and decals! And probably anything else I create. I'm planning to have a handful of different sets of stickers, in different colors, but obviously I'll be new to the entire thing, so I won't have too much up just yet.

Because I'm still working out a few kinks, I won't be opening until July 1st. I wanted to open as soon as possible, but I know it isn't realistic. I want to have a good amount of stickers designed. I want them to be made from good quality paper and ink. I want to have amazing pictures of them to post in my shop. I want to be able to ship the cutest and most fun packages in the world. And I want to have affordable prices.

All of those things take some time, practice, and patience.

I'll be posting in the near future about how I finally got started and the steps I took to doing so!

On Etsy! I want to be able to ship out not only in the US, but also Internationally! I absolutely love Etsy, so it seemed like the perfect choice! My shop is called Turning Pages Co.

Because I absolutely LOVE stickers, from my middle school years when my friends and I collected them, up until today. After purchasing my planner, I started watching Youtube videos and looking up ways I can plan, organize and decorate. I realized a lot of stickers are based on other types of planners, so I really wanted to start making my own.

I've purchased all the materials required to start an Etsy sticker shop, and I'm starting to design my very own stickers. I'm doing it pretty much all on my own, but with the love and support of my family and friends. I hope to soon change my brother's old room into an office, but that's still going to take a lot of convincing my mom.

I will be opening the shop on a Wednesday, but I hope to have new sticker designs out every Sunday. To keep you all updated, and informed, Sunday's post will be dedicated to the new sticker releases! I will also be constantly updated on Twitter and Instagram, so follow me there if you're interested.

I don't know too much about specials and discounts, how and when I plan on doing those. BUT! I do hope to open the shop with either a special discount code, or a freebie sticker sheet!

So I hope this was clear and covered the most important information! I will go into some more detailed about the process of starting a Etsy shop in tomorrow's post, which is why I wanted to cover the most general information today.

Again, Turning Pages Co is officially opening on Wednesday, July 1st, and I will most likely open with a discount or special offer. I hope you guys stop by and check it out!


  1. That’s great! With etsy shop being one the top-notches among online selling platforms, it’s easier to market your products there. I hope the launching of your products turn out a success, and that your sales had an amazing start. I’ll look forward to hear more from you. Good luck, Lisa!

    Travis White @ Marketing Digest

  2. Hi, i want to start a shop as well, only with my own designs for laptop/macbook decals. I have trouble finding the right printer and all that jazz. Can you tell what products you use to make the stickers? Thank you in advance!


  3. That is incredible! With Etsy shop being one the top-scores among web offering stages, it's simpler to showcase your items there. I trust the starting of your items turn out a win, and that your deals had a stunning begin. I'll anticipate hearing more from you. Good luck!

  4. Here's to hoping your prospective business venture goes well! I'm glad that you're starting this young. Though there will be challenges involved with this, I believe you'll get through it. Just keep on plugging and keep surrounding yourself with people willing to stand by you every step of the way! Cheers!

    Clifton Johnson @ Insuring The Product

  5. Lisa, great work and good luck. You are going to do awesome things in the near future. Etsy is a great platform to launch your online business. With a little bit of creativity, ambition and sacrifice you will excel with your endeavors. I am such a sticker and decal buff, and I really cherish collecting custom made items. You better believe that I will be a loyal supporter of Turning Pages Co.

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine

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  7. Hi Lisa! Congrats on owning your business on Etsy. That's so cool a sticker shop. I love stickers too. When I was little, I used to stick stickers on my mirror in my room so my mother wouldn't use my mirror. I will definitely check out your shop on there. Have a great day!

    Andrea Hart @ LeetWeb

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