July 10, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday

BelladonnaTitle: Belladonna.
Author: Fiona Paul.

"When nothing is as it seems, the truth may be the deadliest poison of all. A CHARMING BUT WILD ARTIST ran off with her heart. HER STRONG, STEADY FIANCÉ appears to be keeping secrets. ARRESTED IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT, her fiancĂ© is imprisoned on false charges. To free him Cass must journey to Florence, a city haunted by rumors, secret soirees, clandestine meetings, and home to the eerily stunning leader of the Order of the Eternal Rose, the Belladonna herself. Cass can prove Luca's innocence, but can she trust her heart to lead her to the truth? DANGEROUS, SEDUCTIVE AND ALLURING this edge-of-your-seat romantic thriller will leave readers wondering not only whom Cass will choose—Luca or Falco—but whether or not all three of them will survive."

Release Date: 7/16/2013.

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