February 08, 2013

Blog Tour: Bad Blood!

Welcome to Turning Pages!

And to my stop on the Bad Blood Blog Tour. This stop will include both a interview with the author, and a quick E-book giveaway! Read down below for more details on the giveaway.

At Turning Pages today, we have the author of Bad Blood, Ginny Lurcock to answer a few of our questions, thank you for stopping by Ginny!

Can you please first tell us about yourself and your book? 

I am a 240 page length novel about a teenage girl suddenly learning her reality now includes vampires and my book is a happily married mother of a toddler who lives in New Hampshire (which is a decision she is currently questioning since its -4 out today) with her father, sister, sister’s boyfriend, three cats, and her dead grandmother’s house full of furniture. Wait… switch those.

Why is it title Bad Blood? Did you come up with the name first, or did it come to you while writing the story?  

I’m pretty sure Jena (@Puretextuality) came up with it after she read it. I could not name this thing to save my life… Bad Blood was in a list of suggestions, and as soon as I saw it, it was true love.

Bad Blood Cover ImageAre any of the characters within the story based on real people? Are any of them based on you? 

Not exactly. I mean, some of my current obsessions will end up being shared by a character here or there, and I know that certain scenes are dramatic reinterpretations of comments or “wouldn’t it be funny ifs…” but by and large the characters just kind of claw their way out of my psyche while I’m not looking.

Have you always known how you wanted the story to end? Or did your idea change entirely while writing?

Originally I just had the middle. I know that a lot of people have their endings in advance, but those usually come to me while I’m plotting or writing out the story or just generally starring up at the ceiling wondering what made me think I could be a writer anyways.

Where do you enjoy writing? 

 Anywhere with a full keyboard. Laptops are not my friend. Pen and paper even less so thanks to a car accident years ago that left me with nerve damage in my right arm. Now my penmanship is worse than a doctor’s.

Do you have any other books in the works? 

 I’m only actively working on finishing my serial “The Adventures of the Dread Pirate Lydia” at the moment. After that, it’s back to the sequel for Bad Blood.

Again, thank you Ginny for stopping by and answering a few of our questions! I always enjoying learning about the persons behind the story.

And thank you everyone who is stopping by through the blog tour, now it's giveaway time!!! All you have to do is follow Turning Pages through GFC, comment down below with your name, and your thoughts on Bad Blood! I would love to hear them (:

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