September 10, 2011


Hey Dolls!

Welcome to Turning Pages everyone! Today I just wanted to make a quick update, nothing big.


As we all know, school has just started, or started a few weeks ago for some of you. Mine began last Wednesday, and it's been stressful ever since. I haven't even had the time to pick up a book since Tuesday night.

Now that it's finally the weekend, I can just relax and read as much as I want. I'm trying to finish three e-books and two actual books by Sunday night....wish me luck!


As of right now I have two giveaways up, if you haven't entered make sure to do so. There are tons of extra entry opportunities, so take advantage of those!

I've been promising a 250 follower giveaway ever since I've had 100 followers. Now with 247, I only need 3 more! As soon as my followers hit 250, I'll be posting my awesome giveaway.

It has four prize packs, each with one book and some cool swag!


When I first began blogging I would just post a book review, whenever I finished the book. But now I try and post reviews every three days.

I hope to finish more books, so that I can post reviews every two days instead of three.

Sorry that this was a random post, but they were just a few small things I needed to get off my chest. But thanks for stopping by!:D


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