September 24, 2011

Book Review #50: Seranfyll

Title: Seranfyll.
Author: Christina Daley.
Format: E-Book.
Page: 338.
Series: Nope.
Source: Author.
Publisher: Create Space.
Published Date: July 2011.


"For the first time in her life, Rain has a choice to make.

The thirteen-year-old slave girl lives in the country of Yoan, where slaves aren't allowed proper names, let alone anything else. After being sold by a gambler and bought by a thief, she's freed by an eccentric young noble, about whom many rumors abound. Some say his manor is haunted, his horse can fly, and that he's actually a devil.

Now that she's free, Rain must decide what she will do with that new freedom. Her choices will lead her to new friends and many adventures, none of which she could have possibly expected.

Fans of Harry Potter and Howl's Moving Castle will enjoy this magical tale about choices, consequences, and what it really means to be free."


To be honest, I haven't really looked at the cover in too much detail. Why? Because I didn't purchase this book, I received a e-book copy for review.

With just seeing it on the computer screen, it looks okay. I don't really want to judge it, without seeing it in person.



My favorite character has to be Lord Domrey. Even though, the first time we get to meet him, he's drunk and riding backwards on his horse, but throughout the story he can really grow on you.

Like anyone, he makes mistakes but he bought a lot of slaves (including Rain and Coal) and let them go free. He took both Rain and Coal in, considering them as part of his family. Buying them clothes, shoes, feeding them and letting them live with him.

Domrey, is just a really sweet guy, who only wants the best for everyone.

Least Favorite:

I think my least favorite would have to be Sneeble and Morgrav. Sneeble is the jerk who sells slaves, and treats them like animals. While Morgrav, is also rich just like Domrey. But unlike him, he treats his "slaves", just like Sneeble.

What I really liked towards the end of the book, was when Rain went in the market and saw Sneeble. He didn't even notice that she was one of the slaves, he sold to Domrey, Sneeble just thought she was just another royalty.

Story Line:

Being born into slavery, Rain and her sister Snow, have never known anything different. Lord Peachtree, was a nice guy and treated his slaves fairly, never punishing them cruelly.

But Lord Peachtree, was running low on money and after selling he's horses, a few of his servants, he had nothing left but to sell Rain. Not wanting to leave her sister, she was forced into the hands of a cruel slave trader named Sneeble.

While staying with him, she meet a few other slaves including Coal. A skinny boy, who had just been in a fight. When Lord Domrey, rides into the market drunk and backwards on his horse, he offers to buy all of Sneebles slaves.

Giving them their name papers and setting them free, only Rain and Coal stayed with poor Domrey. Not wanting to leave he drunk and alone, they take it into their hands to take care of him.

I had a great time reading Seranfyll, even though I don't really like reading books on my computer, unless I REALLY have to. But I really liked it, it was something new and fresh. Nothing with vampires, or werewolves, or even angels!

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