June 28, 2013

Monthly Review: June

Welcome to Turning Pages!

A few months back, my goal was to post a TBR list at the beginning of every month, and a "Monthly Review" at the end of the month. Why? To set some goals, to have something to work towards, instead of just aimlessly blogging or picking up a book I know I shouldn't be reading because I have to read a different book first. Also it allows me and you to see what I posted the entire month, and if you want to check out a specific post, feel free to click the link!

I've been working on my "Monthly Reviews" and trying to find ways to improve them. If you have any ideas, please comment below!

Book Reviews:

Fragments (Partials, #2)September GirlsPhoenix (Black City, #2)Altered (Altered, #1)

It's Monday What Am I Reading:

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)Embrace (Gryphon, #2)

Wednesday Memes:

Allegiant (Divergent Series #3)Champion (Marie Lu's Legend Series #3)Teardrop (Teardrop Trilogy Series #1)

What's Coming This Week:

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume: Book CoverPiece of My Heart by Lynn Maddalena Menna: Book Cover

Book Haul:

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)Tiger's Destiny (The Tiger Saga, #4)


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