December 31, 2012

Weekly Review!

Welcome to Turning Pages!

"Weekly Reviews" is something new I'm trying out, so it might not always be the same from one week to the next, simply because I'm still figuring things out, and changing things if I don't like the way they are. But "Weekly Reviews" is just a meme showing all of the previous week's posts, including other memes, books reviews, "Blogger of the Week's" and so on, so they can once more get a shot at love!

If you like them meme, or have some suggestions for this meme, please comment below, I would love to hear your feedback! 

Monday (December 24, 2012):
Just a quick post, informing you that this short novel was absolutely free on Amazon.

Burning (Demon Legacy Prequel)

Tuesday (December 25, 2012):
Another short post wishing you guys the best for your holidays!

Thursday (December 27, 2012):
A reminder that my Happy Holiday Giveaway was still going on, and continues to go on through January 2. So if you haven't entered yet, you still have time!

Saturday (December 29, 2012):
My Saturday meme, shining light on all the new YA books releasing within the next week!
I reviewed Shine Light by Marianne de Pierres, and expressed just how much I loved the characters in both the third and first book in this amazing series!

Shine Light (Night Creatures, #3)

Sunday (December 30, 2012):
Usually I try to post book hauls on Sundays, but this week I received a few different book-ish things, explaining the unusual title.

Thank you for checking out the newest meme here at Turning Pages, and please leave your thoughts on the "Weekly Review" below!

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