June 21, 2012

Book Review: Darlings Are Forever

The Darlings Are ForeverTitle: The Darlings are Forever.
Author: Melissa Kantor.
Format: Hardback.
Pages: 352
Source: Library.
Publisher: Hyperion.
Published Date: 12/6/2011

"Jane. Victoria. Natalya. Together, they are the Darlings. Best friends forever. They have matching necklaces, their own table at Ga Ga Noodle, and even a shared motto: May you always do what you’re afraid of doing. When the friends begin freshman year at three different high schools in distant corners of New York City, they promise to live by their motto and stay as close as ever. The Darlings know they can get through anything as long as they have each other. But doing scary new things is a lot easier with your friends beside you. And now that the girls aren’t spending all their time together, everything they took for granted about their friendship starts to feel less certain. They can’t help but wonder, will they really be the Darlings forever?"


The Darlings Are Forever, actually had a recent cover change, going from the picture of three girls picnicking in a field, to a bright pink background with fortune cookies. If I was up to me to select a cover, it would be the newer one; it's just brighter and I feel it matches the story and the characters' personalities a lot more!

My Thoughts:

Darlings in Love was what got me into my summer romance novel kick; even though the story itself doesn't take place in the summer months, but it's just a nice and light read to indulge on a hot day at the beach. Loving it so much, I decided to research if Melissa Kantor wrote any other novels I could pick up and gulp down; she does...and one of them is called The Darlings Are Forever, the first book in the series...

So yes, yet again, I read the series out of order, simply because I didn't do my share of research ahead of time.

But now I'm back on track, and again head over heels for the three darlings and Melissa Kantor's writing style! The Darlings Are Forever, is about three teenage girls going into their first year of high school, but each to a different school. Promising each other on the last day of summer, things would never change and they'll always be friends, the girls can't wait to see what high school has in store for them.

Victoria creates her own baking club, Jane gets a part in a major play production, and Natalya becomes friends with a few of her school's most popular girls. Things seems to be going just right, school is treating everyone of them great and they're all still really close, even with their busy schedules!

But things aren't always what they seem to be, and those things start going down hill. Jane starts to have feelings for her play's producer, Victoria gets caught going to a party, and Natalya realizes the girls she thought she became so close with only want to be associated with her because of Victoria and her dad.

The Darlings Are Forever was packed with action, romance, and scandal! If you're looking for that book to get you started on your summer reading this series is it!

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  1. I loved this book (and The Darlings in Love) so much! I haven't heard anything about a third book in the series, but I seriously hope there is one. I'm glad you liked it:)


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