December 11, 2015

Update: Blogging, Etsy & Everything Else.


As you can probably tell I went a few weeks without posting a single thing here on Turning Pages Co. There are two simple reasons for that. Those include that I was both, busy with school and just wasn't inspired to write anything. I'm still toying with the idea of what I want this blog to be. There are just so many things I want to share and talk about, and I don't want to have to hold myself back, because it "wouldn't match" my blog's "content".

Ultimately I've decided I'm going to write whatever my heart desires. If I want to write about books, I can do that. If I want to write about Christmas wrapping paper, I can do that. If I want to write about how badly my day is going, I can write about that too. I'm going to stop limiting myself, because ultimately I should be having fun running this blog.

With quite some time having gone by, and no real rhyme or reason behind what post goes up when, I've decided to come with a new "schedule". It isn't anything too serious, again due to the fact that I want to keep my blogging options open, but I did want to know when blog posts need to go up.

So as of right now, I'm blogging Monday through Friday, and taking the weekends off. I don't want to force myself to blog everyday, but I thought five days out of the week was a good number. I work with numbers all day at school, and learning how businesses run, so I figured blogging a little bit everyday, would allow my creative juices to flow a bit.


Etsy is something I've been dying to work on. Obviously I've been getting orders out on time, and completing all of those. But I really want to sit back down and design new merchandise. I'm thinking Christmas break will be the perfect time for that!

With Etsy, I'm also want to focus on taking out some old items, before I'm putting in the new. I don't want my shop to have more than a hundred items at a time. I really want to focus on having high quality and creative items, instead of worrying about quantity and getting up as much as I can.

Also I really want to rework my shipping costs and possibly have the ability provide my customers with tracking. Before I do that though, I'll have to head to the post office, and find out how much it would cost to track shipments in the US and outside of it. It's a whole process, so that'll be another thing I want to accomplish this break coming up.

Everything Else:

School has been a bit difficult. I'm doing really well in two of my three classes, but my third class is absolutely horrendous. The teacher is new this year, she doesn't seem to care too much about her students, but more about the fact that the university is offering her money to do research. She doesn't have an organized plan when it comes to teaching, and when she's solving problems, she is ALL over the board.

It's accounting, which is obviously a class required by my Accounting major, but I'm just not loving this class. I love the content, I love the organized, laid out, and repetitiveness that comes along with accounting, but this teacher is lacking all of those things. It's just difficult to come to class, when you know it's a waste of time, and you could be spending that time learning it yourself.

The only thing that's getting me through that class, and it's final exam is the thought that Christmas is just around the corner. AND I CAN'T WAIT! The first thing I'm doing next Thursday, after all of my exams are over, is set up our Christmas tree!

Another thing I quickly wanted to mention was making videos on youtube. As of right now, I won't be doing that. I really enjoy making videos, editing them, and re-watching them. But with finals coming up, I don't think I'll have enough time. I might start vlogging and providing video content again after finals week, because I absolutely love doing so!

That pretty much wraps everything up. It's all stuff I just really wanted to get off my chest, and let you all know. I hope you guys have an amazing weekend, and I'll see you in Monday's post!

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