December 14, 2015

Christmas Gift Wrapping Haul!

Christmas is only eleven days away and with the struggle of finals week and finishing up the term, I haven't been able to get as much shopping and wrapping done as I had hoped. I'm procrastinating a little bit, simply based on the fact that my attention is focused towards school. Once finals are finally over, I will still have about a week to do any last minute gift shopping, wrapping and decorating!

All of which are some of my favorite things to do! The best part is seeing all the gifts you put some much thought and effort into, sitting beautifully under the sparkling tree. Don't you agree?

*that rhymed...*

I love watching Christmas hauls, and how people choose to wrap their gifts, and I figured maybe some of you do as well. So I decided to show you all, what I'm using and doing this year! Hopefully this will be somewhat helpful for some of you!



I usually prefer wrapping actual boxes, because they're just neater, and are easier to stack and arrange them under the tree. They have a ton of different sizes, and designs. I did buy a few designed ones last year during clearance sales, but I usually buy white ones from the dollar store.



When it comes to bags, I pick up a handful each year. I think it's more fun, especially for the kids to unwrap gifts. But sometimes things are just too big to put into boxes, or sometimes even too small. Again, I pick them up at the dollar store, usually in November, when they are just starting to display them. If you don't pick them up right away, all of the cute ones are gone.

Wrapping Paper:


Wrapping paper is the HOLY GRAIL for me. I love buying a ton of it, especially during after Christmas sales. You can get huge rolls for so cheap. I love the cute patterns, the glitter and anything reflective. It's absolutely crazy how many different types there are to choose from!

Tissue Paper:


Again, this is something I would purchase at the dollar store, because I usually need a lot of it. It goes into the gift bags, and it goes into each one of my boxes. I think it just adds a little bit more fun when opening gifts, especially if they have glitter, like the ones I have here.

Ribbons & Bows:


Ribbons and Bows are the frosting on the cake. I don't mind spending a bit more on either of these. One of the issues I face when purchasing cheap bows, is that they tend to continuously fall off. The ribbon, on the other hand, needs to make the perfect spiral when I run it against the scissors. I think they both just really spice up a gift, and you can get really creative with them too!

I'll probably post some pictures later of all of my wrapped gifts! But I would LOVE to see what you guys are using this year, and how you plan on wrapping your goodies! Please let me know in the comments!

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