December 17, 2015

Finals Are FINALLY Over!

Finals Are Over:

Finals, for me, were officially over last night! I spent the entire night before studying for the two final exams which I would have to endure, and somehow survive the next day. The first took place around noon, and the second took place around five thirty.

I was going to attempt to put up a review last night, but after four and a half hours of testing, and multiple hours in between of studying, there was just no way that was going to happen. I was brain dead by the end of the day. To do a little celebrating though, I went out to a local pizza place that I've been wanting to try for months now; picking up two pizzas to take home and try. I also stopped at the grocery store around the corner to pick up Joshua's favorite fruit (pineapple), and finally got home to celebrate with him.

We ate, we talked about my exams, we decorated the Christmas tree, and basically spent the rest of the night watching movies on Netflix.

It was a relaxing night to an EXTREMELY stressful day!

I woke up this morning, in the middle of a nightmare. This horrible nightmare where I completely forgot to study for exams, that I didn't even know they were coming up, and where I failed each and everyone of them.....

How Did I Do:

I feel pretty good about all three of my exams. I know there are some questions or problems that I probably got wrong, but I didn't leave a single one blank, and tried my absolute best. I studied as hard and as long as I could, and that's all that truly matters. But still, that dream scared the crap out of me in the morning!

I don't exactly know when scores will be released, but I do know professors have to turn them in before the end of next week. Fingers crossed that I did good!

The Plan Now:

The plan from here on out is to enjoy my time off. School starts again at the beginning of January, which means I only have two or three weeks of break.

I'm going to spend that time reading, and blogging. I'm going to celebrate the holidays with my family, friends and loved ones. I'm also going to do some serious cleaning, and organizing; my closet is crowded and crammed with clothes I don't wear.

I'm excited to spend time on myself, and just doing things I enjoy. I'm excited to give you guys some fun content, and hopefully a giveaway or two. I also want to read three to four books, just because I haven't gotten too many chances to just crack one open, and spend hours reading.

I hope you guys are just as pumped about this season as I am, and if you had final exams, I also hope you did AMAZING! I'll see you all in tomorrow's review of All These Things I've Done! Bye!

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