October 09, 2013

WWW Wednesday

Welcome to Turning Pages!

What am I currently reading?

All the Truth That's In Me

I just started All The Truth That's In Me, by Julie Berry. While I love the cover, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the story yet! I'll have to do some more reading before I have an opinion. 

What did I just finish reading?

Zombie Blondes

Well with University starting up two weeks ago, I've been drowning in homework and assignments, so I haven't gotten much (fun) reading done. But I'm trying to schedule everything, and balance it all out. So the last book I read was Zombie Blondes by James Brian. I really enjoyed this one! It was a new twist on the whole Zombie theme!

What do I plan on reading next?

The Replacement

If you want to see what I hope to read in the entire month of October, feel free to check out my TBR for October. But the book I plan on reading next is The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff! This book has been on my shelf for a VERY long time, and it finally needs to get read. I've heard amazing things, but I still, for some reason, haven't picked it up yet.

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