November 21, 2011

In My Mailbox #33

Again, this week all that was in my mailbox was junk mail (and my report card, but shhhh! Don't tell my parents!), sadly no books.

In a way I'm sad, but in another way, I want to grab my wallet, hop on the bus, and go straight to my favorite bookstore. But than as I leave my room, I look at my bookshelf, and thinking of all the books I still need to read! 

So I'm not on a book buying ban, no! That phrase isn't allowed here, on Turning Pages! But I'm not going out to buy books, just to have something in my mailbox every Sunday either. 

But my brother is going to Barnes and Noble tomorrow, so I'll probably tag along, and check out if any new books came out, that I want(:

I hope everyone had a great book week (last week), if you got tons of books, or none at all.


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  1. Sorry you haven't gotten any books in your mailbox! I know what that feels like. Although, I am on a book buying ban (it's not that hard to be when you're poor and have no money to buy books) I have been winning some books, so I'm thankful for that! I hope you get something in your mailbox soon, especially with the holidays coming up! :)


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