April 07, 2015

Its Not Monday...But What Am I Reading Anyways!?

With my manager quitting at work, and only leaving Rosa (my co-worker, and boyfriend's sister) and myself to work an entire coffee stand by ourselves, I obviously haven't had much time to do any blogging. I have been getting some reading done, in between work shifts, school and homework, and I'm excited to show you what I'm currently reading, and hopefully finishing by tonight!

Twist, by Karen Akins.
Releases TODAY! April 7th!

Twist (Loop, #2)

I absolutely adored Loop and loved the main characters, Bree and Finn. They are just too cute together, and I get excited every single time they come into close proximity. These two teenagers are anything but normal, considering the fact that Bree is from the future, and Finn is from the past (right around our time).

The world Bree lives in, people are time travelers, working different jobs, in different times, and different locations on Earth! How exciting is that?!

So when I was offered Twist for review, you know I couldn't turn it down! I was excited to see how things are going now that Bree is "unchipped" and how her relationship with Finn is working out, with the whole "time traveling dilemma".

I'm well into Twist, and will be spending my day off (today) finishing it up! I don't know if I'll be able to get my review up by tonight, because I still have a little ways to go, but I will write and post my review as soon as I finish the book. OF COURSE!

Have you guys read Loop yet? Do you plan on picking up Twist? Don't you just LOVE time travel as much as I do???

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  1. That really sucks about your job. Hopefully they are able to hire someone soon to help lighten up the load some. I haven't read of Loop or Twist but I'm glad you are enjoying it as much as the first book.


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