November 23, 2012

Book Review: Naturally Charlie

Naturally, CharlieTitle: Naturally Charlie.
Author: S.L. Scott.
Format: E-Book.
Pages: 230.
Series: No.
Source: Review Copy.
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop.
Published Date: 9/12/12.
Barnes and Noble.

"Twenty-five year old Charlotte “Charlie” Barrow is caught between her old life and the one she is beginning to build when she crosses paths with a handsome stranger on the subway. Not looking for romance, she closes her heart off to the possibilities of love. With a knack for mishaps, Charlie maintains her sense of humor while befriending the kind stranger who seems to be there at all the right times. New York freelance writer, Charlie Adams, is forging his own path beyond the expectations of the society circles of his childhood. Rejecting family money, and fast-lane friends, he is snubbed by his family as he follows his own compass to a life more extraordinary. Through a coincidence of events, they come to rely on each other for comfort. This is the tale of two Charlies learning to trust again while fighting their fates to create their own destiny."

First & Last Line:
"'Damn it!'"
"I listen to the women. She's very smart."


I haven't seen an actually copy of these book yet, so I don't think it would be very fair of me to judge something, I, myself haven't even seen.

My Thoughts:

Naturally Charlie, is not only following the story of a twenty-five year old women named, Charlotte, who is attempting at recovering and building herself back up, from a terrible break up and death, but also a very handsome man named Charles, who is going through a few of his own problems as well; both who go by Charlie.

More than six months have passed, when Charlotte and her boyfriend, Jim, had a bad break up. After being cheated on, lied to, and never feeling like she fit into Jim's world, things between them ended. Even after all this time Charlotte is still not over their relationship, and can't seem to move forward. Jim's death was another hard blow for Charlotte, already having a hard time with dealing with such a rough break up, she can't seem to find a way out, now with Jim's death. Receiving the invite to Jim's funeral finalized his death to Charlotte.

While Charlotte is dealing with problems, and life, so is Charles. Trying to get his mind off of the death of his aunt, he goes out to the club and tries to have fun. Charles' family is like everyone else's, crazy, obnoxious, and out of their minds.When Charles was attending college, he decided to change his entire life, because the one he was living wasn't what he wanted, or who he wanted to be. With this tremendous change, Charles had different opinions and outlooks on life than his family did.

Bumping into each other a few times, Charles and Charlotte, decide to attend each others funerals together, as moral support...and nothing more..just friends. "Just friends", is their excuse throughout the entire book. Even when their spending their Saturday afternoons watching movies, eating cupcakes, and napping, as well as during all the dinners they shared together.

Being there for one another, both realize they want to be more than friends, but Charlotte doesn't feel this is the right time for her to get into another relationship. Will these two love birds finally admit and commit to one another?!

Naturally Charlie was one of those books where you can't get yourself to put it down, but once you did, can't wait to finally pick it up, and read from where you left off! I loved both of the main characters, their personalities, and the way they were, when they were together! I also enjoyed reading about a few of the other characters including Charles' neighbor, and Charlotte's best friend. If you haven't read this, and need a good pick me up book, Naturally Charlie would have to be the one!


  1. I read this last month and I thought it was a cute read.

    thanks for stopping by

    GFC Follower

  2. I really enjoyed your review. I've been planing to read this book, but something always comes up. I hope I read it soon.

    Anatea @ Anatea's Bookshelf

  3. This sounds like a very nice story I haven't heard of it before. Lovely review, chickie!


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