October 15, 2012

Blogger of The Week!

Welcome to Turning Pages!

Thanks for stopping by, but this time its not only me! But instead we have to guests from YA Novelties visiting here at Turning Pages. Please give M and Jenny a nice warm welcome, and make sure to leave a comment or two!
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Photobucket1.M, who are you and what is Ya Novelties? How did you come up with the name? Does it have any background story?

I am ~M, and I am teenage bookworm. Ya Novelties is a blog where we post reviews, giveaways, and other fun stuff all having to do with books. I think our name was created by one of our other writers who suggested it, and we all immediately agreed on it.

2.If you could change one thing about your blog, what would that thing be? 

If I could change one thing about the blog, I would want some more reviews, but unfortunately there is only so much time we have to read. Other than that, I am really happy with our blog.

(I have the same goal, I really wish I could post much more reviews! And that's something I'm really working on.)

3.What are some of your own personnel goals for blogging?

Some of my own personal goals for our blog are to expand our audience and make our blog as enjoyable and useful as possible. I love our blog and can't wait to see it grow.

4.What got you into blogging about books? Have you always enjoyed reading? 

One day, my friends just asked me if I would like to start a book blog with them, and loving books as much as I do, I agreed. I thought it would be a fun new experience, and it is. That is how my book blogging got started. I have also always enjoyed reading, even from a very young age.

(I've never really enjoyed reading, but about half way through middle school, I started reading one book after another, and just couldn't get myself to stop.)

5.What do you enjoy doing besides reading and blogging? 

Besides reading and blogging, I enjoy acting, singing, swimming, and just hanging out with my friends. Between everything, I don't have much time to read, but I try to squeeze in as much time as possible. 

6.Favorite movie that was based off of a book? 

My favorite movie that was based off a book was The Prisoner of Azkaban (and basically the whole Harry Potter series). I have pretty much grown up with Harry Potter, and I greatly enjoyed the movies that brought it all to life. I also love rewatching them. Thank you so much for interviewing us.

It has been great and I hope everyone visits our blog!

(Thank you for stopping by M!)


My Photo1.Jenny, who are you and what is Ya Novelties? How did you come up with the name? Does it have any background story? 

Hi my name is Jenny and I am a reading addict:P YA Novelties, like ~M said, is a blog where we, Rosie, Angie, ~M, Maggie, and myself, Jenny, post reviews, giveaways, and other cool bookish stuff. Our name didn't come as easily as ~M said... If memory serves correctly, it was late-ish June when Angie was talking about how cool and how much fun it would be to have a book blog and I totally agreed seeing as how I love reading different people's bookish blogs. Around that time, I believe ~M, Rosie, and Maggie were all vacationing with family, so it was just Angie and I that were still home. The blog had a bunch of possible names, that were all really cute (and not just because I thought of 90% of them, well maybe because I thought of most of them ;P ), but it was Angie who thought of Novelties something, and we decided to added YA, but I honestly don't quite remember. After that we pitched it to everyone else and they liked the name, so a few days later YA Novelties was created. I think I really wanted our blog to be named Bookish Teens or something along those lines, but I love our current blog name, YA Novelties, just as much! Woah that was a long story, sorry about that by the way!

2.If you could change one thing about your blog, what would that thing be? 

If I could change one thing about the blog, it would be the design of it. Rosie actually spent a great deal of time making the design something that we all liked, and don't get me wrong, I DO love it and it's really cute and all, but I feel like the design is missing something and could be a little better, but our blog has only being running about two months now and our focus right now is to post reviews and make our blog a good blog. So maybe in the future we can revisit this, who knows?

(I really want to fix and change my layout, but I feel that no matter how much you change it, and work with it, it's never a 100% perfect! I always find something I don't like or want to change!)

3.What are some of your own personnel goals for blogging? 

My personal goals for blogging is to have fun reading and blogging and to meet other bloggers. I actually have met some bloggers on twitter, who might I add are super nice!

4.What got you into blogging about books? Have you always enjoyed reading?

Most of us on YA Novelties actually started blogging because Angie pitched the idea to us and we all thought it would be cool to blog and it is cool to blog :) And yes, I have always loved reading. Books are one my best friends!

5.If you were forced to live inside of a book, which would you choose?

If I was forced to live inside a book, I would choose to live inside the magical world of Harry Potter! I am the BIGGEST HP fan; I love watching the movies! If I ever get to go to Hogwarts, I would definitely participate in the Quidditch games! Hey fun fact: did you know that there are real Quidditch teams? It's actually a pretty serious sport.

(I'm not a big fan of HP but I still enjoy the story and the way the wizard world works, I would pick HP too!)

6.Do you prefer hardback or paperback? Why? 

Hmm do I prefer paperback books or hardcover books? That's actually a hard question because I don't really care as long as it is a book. But, if I were to choose I would pick hardcovers because I have more of those on my shelves, so if I buy books I always buy in hardcovers because then they will all match. Lol, I'm a bit OCD like that.

(Thank you Jenny for answering our questions!)

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