February 28, 2011

Im The Sheriff In This Town; This Is The Way I Do Things!

Howdy Ya'll(:

I hope you guys have had a awesome Monday! Since Monday tends to be very "sucky". If I had to pick a favorite day of the week it would have to be Saturday, hands down! Not only can you sleep in that morning but you can also stay up late, which you cant (well not me, since I have school) do on any other day of the week.

Instead of starting with a book review which I had actually planned, I figured I would explain to you how I want to do reviews, and hauls. After reading and watching many posts and videos of others doing those, it does get a little old. For each of the different type of posts I added my own little ingredients and twisted the recipe a little to make more LISA-fied!!! Making it easier for not just me to write, but also for you to read and understand. So lets get started!:D

Hauls- Since Im typing instead of making videos this might be a little bit harder. But I love taking pictures, so a lot of those will be up; of the cover, the back, the side, what the chapters look like, and anything special that sticks out. Usually on the back or the inside flap theirs a summary that the author has written which I will also add.

Reviews- I love reading the summaries on the back of books. During hauls I cant tell you what I think of (since obviously I havent read it yet), so Ill type that up and than tell you my own summary of the book. This shows you the difference between my summary of the book and the authors. Many times the back doesnt even give the book enough credit to how good it is. But sometimes the story line wasnt as good at it was said to be. Again a couple of pictures will be added.

So thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and read my post!(: Lisa

PS. I plan of figuring out how to add more pictures and do some more editing on the blog layout, adding more pictures of my friends, family and ,myself and adding some other small things. If the font is too small or you simply cant see it very well, please dont hesitate to comment and let me know. Ill fix it asap!(:

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