February 27, 2011

My Book Blog?

To be honest, Im not sure how to start this post off. I dont want to start my story with "Once upon a time..." I want this post (and my whole blog) to be fun and interesting to read. I want this to represent me and who I am. In a way Im really excited to write my own blog and just get going right away. But then again I want to formally introduce myself to you guys and tell you about my reasons for even making this. Not introducing yourself is just plain rude!
Well HEEYY There:D *waves* What's cooking good looking?(;
My name is lisa, Im sixteen years old, proud german and I live in the USA. Im a sophomore in high school, and I love reading. Which brings me to why I created this blog. I love watching reviews, book hauls and bookshelf tours. Theres nothing better than laying in a warm cozy bed, with a small light on, either at night or on a rainy day, reading a good book. You can find me every Saturday at either barnes and nobles or borders, looking for the next best story, usually gulping it down within one read.
On the side bar (<---- ) theres a list of books Im currently reading, if you have good book that you suggest or a book you were interested in buying but not sure if its worth the read, just comment below, and I would be happy to make a review :D
To take my love for reading and books further I created this blog, I hope you will follow me in my reading journey and enjoy the ride (please keep your hands and feet in at all times).


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