October 16, 2016

Back At It Again: Weekly VLOGS?

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed football Sunday, whether your favorite teams won or lost, I hope you spent the day enjoying the game, the food and the time with family and friends!

I'm here to quickly announce a change to the blogging schedule.

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. (With a little bit of forgiveness, depending on school and exams.) I didn't really mention too much about what is being posted, or specifying what day something is going up, simply because I don't want to limit myself. I want Turning Pages to be my place of self expression, without any limits.

But as the week have gone on, I found myself having a hard time posting something on Sundays. I don't whether it is because I spend the whole day watching football, doing homework and cleaning up after the weekend (who am I kidding?!), or what. I'm just struggling to find myself on my blog, getting creative.

I've always enjoyed vlogging, and sharing my daily life with you all, but have never truly pursued it. I either just couldn't find a schedule I liked, or had the ability to do it.

Daily vlogging is just taking it to the extreme, is definitely not the place I should start, due to the amount of time and effort it takes, and that I don't have that much going on daily.

So I decided I'm going to vlog throughout the week, and post a video on Sundays. That way I'm "daily" vlogging, but not really. AND I'm getting something up on Sundays, that I can prepare and complete before Sunday.

Today marks the first day of vlogs. This vlog is pretty long, much longer than I would like it to be. Also it isn't edited to the standards I wish it were, but those are all things I'm still working towards.

Vlog Sundays is the plan for right now. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for vlogging or editing, I would very much appreciate them!

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