July 01, 2016

Turning Pages Co July Releases!!

It's July 1st, meaning its time for some new Turning Pages Co releases!

Sadly I wasn't able to release as many new items as I was hoping to, with the start of my internship as well as a four day vacation. 

...I have a lot of ideas, I even have things bought, cut and ready to be made...but I just haven't found enough time to put it all together.

I did, however, finish a handful of things, which I'm showing you today. 

The plan is to have two releases each month (one at the beginning and one halfway through), to spread out the new merchandise and to allow myself some creativity time.

But I do have some cute things to show you all, so let's dive right into it!

The first four items I released are basically the same thing, but just in different designs.

This are mini magnetic bookmarks!

They are approximately 1.5 inches in height and 1 inch in width! They don't hold together a stack of papers, simply because the magnetic isn't strong enough. But they are perfect for holding your place in your planner, notebook or your current read. Each of the four sets comes with three bookmarks, and right now they are available on Turning Pages Co for only $1.00 + shipping!

The next few items are these absolutely gorgeous and bright tassels! They are sold individually, and can easily spruce up your planner. They are already knotted together towards the end, so all you have to do is loop it through your spiral. 

And of course I saved the cutest thing for last...also this is what took me the longest to make...is this extremely adorable penguin. It's belly is made from a pearl reflect paper, and it's cheeks, beak and feet are made with glitter scrapbook paper. It may not be winter or cold right now, but this penguin is cute all year around!

Again, sadly that is all I'm able to show you! I wish I had more, but those will have to wait another two weeks!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read Turning Pages Co!

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